Welcome to New England

The natural beauty, culture, and history of New England attract people from around the world. The six states that compose the region- Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont- have their own character, but all host activities throughout the year. The majority of New Englanders love the outdoors and are passionate about their pro-sports teams. Whether it’s a sporting event; music, art, or history; family fun or romantic seaside weekends- you will find it here!

Top Reasons to Live in New England

  1. The Food!
  2. New England’s southernmost state, Connecticut, is easily accessible from New York and Boston and offers a charming New England feel with a cosmopolitan style. Connecticut offers a rich mix of culture and a breath taking shoreline, along with beautiful lakes and countryside. From rafting down the Farmington River and kayaking through the Thimble Islands to following the wine trail, Connecticut provides endless options of entertainment.
  3. Larger than the rest of the New England states put together, Maine is known for its long rocky coastline and many historic lighthouses, and also its forested inland mountains and lakes. Despite its relatively small population, Maine is home to a thriving film business and hosts several popular film festivals each year. There’s something about Maine’s majestic natural surroundings that encourages creativity and provides the perfect setting for enjoying the arts.
  4. The “Bay State”, Massachusetts, has it all: beaches, scenic hiking trails, the world-class city of Boston, and picturesque villages. The downtown is the heart of the city. You will find the financial district and the harbor, as well as shops, restaurants and theaters. Beyond downtown, Boston has village like neighborhoods, with cobblestone streets, gas lamps and gorgeous townhouses. Massachusetts has the most variety of the New England states, from its prestigious universities, museums, music, and history.
  5. New Hampshire is defined by its quaint towns and large expanses of wilderness. Breathtaking mountains, pristine lakes and ponds, beautiful villages and farms, and miles of coastline are just a few of the fabulous sights New Hampshire has to offer. The city of Nashua, rated as the top city in the country to live, along with Manchester, and Concord, offer cultural events, seasonal events, museums, in addition to colleges and universities. On the outskirts of the cities, small towns thrive. It’s New England at its best!
  6. Vermont revels in outdoor beauty, good food, and the preservation of unique small towns and cities. Vermont is an inland state that has beaches and water sports at Lake Champlain, along with many streams and swimming holes. This state has one major city, Burlington, which hums with community spirit and cultural activity. Manchester and its surrounding towns distill all the pleasures of Vermont, from inns to dining to mountainside fun.
  7. America’s smallest state, Rhode Island, offers more than its fair share of special destinations with two of USA’s finest cities, Providence and Newport, plus fabulous family- friendly beaches, music festivals, top class restaurants, and award- winning vineyards. Rhode Island packs a lot of variety into its small geography. Enjoy Newport’s oceanfront Gilded Age mansions and its stunning vistas. The city of Providence has a restored downtown district that surrounds a gorgeous riverfront park. The city’s Little Italy neighborhood, offers great shopping and dining. “Little Rhody” may be the smallest state but that proves big things do come in small packages.

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